#3GoodThings – #13

#3GoodThings – #13

(Written Jan. 31, 2019)

I don’t normally teach on Thursdays this semester, but exceptionally, I had a 2h class with my Master’s level students (English for Entrepreneurship). This meant that I got to drive Timo to school and, since he was going to be done early, drive Dominic home from school in Poitiers – extra time with my boys

After a short nap… it was on to course prep for tomorrow’s classes. Here, though, are….

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. I had a mini-breakthrough with my students today. There had been some problems with their course organization last semester and again at the beginning of this one and they were a bit rattled. We had a two hour course together and I’d had a bit of time to chat with some of them before class. I think I’m gaining their trust & confidence… ESSENTIAL when you really want learning to happen in the classroom.
  2. Tonight I got to video chat for a few minutes with a pastor friend from back home. It was short & sweet but sometimes that’s all it takes to help you gain perspective and be reminded that you’re not as alone as the devil would sometimes have you believe.
  3. OK, so this one’s a bit on the geeky side but stay with me. Since Worpress updated to Gutenberg several months ago, some functionalities have disappeared, others have emerged and I’ve had to learn workarounds to accomplish certain tasks. Working with numbered lists has presented a problem – spacing between paragraphs. Today I found a CSS workaround to fix that. With one line of code, I just fixed all numbered lists on the site – no need to fix HTML code one every post! (…makes me 🙂)

(Wondering why the #3GoodThings posts… click here)

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