#3GoodThings – #14

#3GoodThings – #14

(Written Feb. 1, 2019)

Fridays is the longest teaching day of the week as I have 7 contact hours with 4 classes of students… with no lunch break. I remind myself that a nice compact teaching schedule – without having to make multiple trips is a GoodThing… but boy, it’s a little tough to sit down in front of a computer afterward.

Nonetheless… here are

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Fridays is the one day of the week where I’m consistently teaching in Poitiers (roughly 30km away). It’s also the same city where Dominic & Sophie go to school and since we all start our school day between 8 and 9am, we ride together as opposed to them taking the train. I love that we have that time together. Even though it’s morning, though we’re not fully awake, and though conversation is sometimes limited… I just love that we have that extra time together. A bit of EXTRA goodness as I got to share the drive back with Soph as well.
  2. After school, given that I had a bit of time to wait before Sophie was done, I strolled through Jardiland – a garden center chain here. When I was a kid and up to early in our marriage, Peacock’s was the go-to garden center in Saint John and in winter, I loved strolling through there just to be where things were growing, colorful and alive. Doing that today was like plant therapy.
  3. After supper as I was enjoying coffee, the phone rang and it was a friend from Saint John. She works in business development and I was hoping she could give me pointers about the English & entrepreneurship class I am teaching to Master’s level students. It was an absolutely delightful surprise!

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