#3GoodThings – #23

#3GoodThings – #23

(Written Jan. 28, 2019)

After Friday and Saturday…. you can be sure that last night was, again, an early night. But today is the Lord’s day, so a good night’s sleep gave way to a relatively early morning with lots of coffee to get us off to church!

…and that’s where we’ll begin…

Today’s #3GoodThings

(note I’m not including names, for privacy reasons, but people’s first initials)

  1. L&B: The mum & grandmum of one of our men (who only came for the first time two weeks ago) were among the first ones there this morning (they were there last week as well). It would appear that what they felt in the presence of God has continued to draw them. We are thankful for these two dear ladies.
  2. L&V: Another young couple, who typically only ever came once per month because of driving distance, were there again this week (2nd time this month). For some time now, they’d been trying to move closer to Châtellerault, both for work & social reasons, but also to be closer to church. That move happened last weekend and there they were today. She is a real worshipper and prayer-warrior so services just feel different when she’s there. We’re thankful for that change.
  3. F: The young man who started attending back in the fall is someone who works in the building trades. I knew he generally worked heavy machinery on construction sites, but his skills go well beyond that – that’s what I found out today. That’s an answer to prayer. I may have a number of various skills, but anything building/construction-related is definitely not among them. The Lord blessed us with skills, knowledge and willing hands.

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