#3GoodThings – #24

#3GoodThings – #24

(Written Feb. 11, 2019)

Ahhh Monday you deceptive thing you! You hold the promise of a new week, but you hide it behind the necessary languishing that hangs on until at least coffee #2! (and then some!) šŸ™‚

Forgive my being overdramatic. Mondays aren’t that bad. The secret is having a good autopilot system until the state of “being alive” kicks in.

But it did… and I can tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. My students in Angers today had an in-class written assignment that took up the entire 1.5hr class. Trying to analyze a business case and make recommendations in your second language is not an easy thing on the best of days (let alone a Monday!). So I’d planned a little surprise and fortunately, the little supermarket across the street was open before class. I picked them up some individually-wrapped squares of dark chocolate as “brain food” that I handed out 1/2-way through. The loved it!
  2. Despite driving in the daylight on the way home, I found myself very drowsy at one point. No doubt the effect of a very busy weekend hanging on tight, in addition to the fact that I was driving during the 1:00-2:00pm window which, after you eat, can be a kicker for energy levels. I’m thankful for a safe drive home with no incidents.
  3. Finished a crochet project that I began last summer back in Saint John. As fun as it is to start new projects… it’s also really great to wrap one up. The sense of accomplishment is terrific

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