#3GoodThings – #30

#3GoodThings – #30

(Written Feb. 17, 2019)

Sunday… ohhhh Sunday.

The Lord has been good to us today, and I’m ready to call it a day, but first, let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Church was good this morning. Two weeks ago we began going through the Tabernacle plan, from the Old Testament, and drawing parallels to the salvation experience in the New Testament. In essence, while the form may have changed, the process by which an individual moves towards experiencing God’s presence has not. I’m thankful for each one that was there.
  2. We were invited to friends’ house for dinner and it was amazing. Adrian and Frusina had worked all morning to put on a spread of entirely homemade in seemingly endless quantity! (at least it felt that way!) There was meat BBQed on an open fire in the backyard, donuts, fritters, salads and fresh-squeezed orange-lemon-tangerine juice. #humbled … Afterward, we went for a walk and the kids played some volleyball along the Clain River.
  3. On our way home, we stopped in to visit Laurent & Virginia. This young couple started attending about 2 years ago and finally got an apartment close enough that they can attend more regularly. They just moved in 2 weeks ago (as of writing) and wanted us to be their first house-guests, so that we could have a time of prayer – covering their new home with God’s presence. They testified, too, to how God provided it for them in a miraculous way. Great connection, great family!

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