#3GoodThings – #29

#3GoodThings – #29

(Written Feb. 16, 2019)

Today was perhaps the most productive “home day” I’ve had in a very long time.

I could’ve been involved in a meeting in the Paris area – in fact ideally, it would’ve been great to go – but after being up there last weekend, I just couldn’t do it. I come away from those weekends drained, (drive up Friday PM (3.5hrs), after teaching all day, teach Saturday AM, driving home Saturday, getting ready for Sunday morning then Sunday afternoon, getting ready to teach on Monday). I just couldn’t do two of those in a row.

But like I said… it was a productive home-day. Let me tell you about it…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Beginning shortly after 10am, I tackled the garage. Men… can I get an “Amen!”? If you have a garage, you know what it means to tackle it. I’d bought two shelving units this week and the first one went together like a charm. Hiccup on the second one though… 1 piece missing. Doh! Still though, we got a lot tidied up (see the “before pic” below) and I made a trip to the trash park (where bigger household trash items are sorted & carted away). We won’t be totally done until I get that replacement part, but there’s a major sense of accomplishment.
  2. Liz took an hour or so to vacuum the church before tomorrow and while she was doing that, I added a few frames to the beehive. With sunny skies and 16 degrees (61 fahrenheit), they were out in force and bringing in loads of pollen. I love checking on them and am just thrilled that they made it through the winter – sometimes it can be nip & tuck the first season. Thank you Lord… they made it!
  3. I had a lovely chat with our elderly neighbour. Liz had made me an afternoon coffee and I just strolled over to see if the daffodils were poking their heads up yet. I saw our neighbour & we began to chat. In a country where hedges and walls abound… it’s tougher than at home to build neighbourhood relationships. I’m very grateful for our immediate neighbours. God has blessed us with them.

Happy Birthday to meine getuige Bart today.
Best man at our wedding and a good friend.
Yet another GoodThing

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