#3GoodThings – #28

#3GoodThings – #28

(Written Feb. 15, 2019)

Today was a long day. Not “long” in the bad day… just long in terms of hours.

I taught for my usual 7h, then had to kill 2h while waiting for a 2h evening meeting to begin. The coffee was extra nice to come home to! 🙂

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. I’ve got to admit, I was dreading today. One of my 1st year classes last week was insane and I wasn’t looking forward to repeating it. That being said though, all of the classes went well. In fact, the day seemed to fly by when it sometimes feels like it drags on. I’m grateful for a good rapport with almost all of my current students!
  2. I ran into some of last year’s students as well. Rather than running away :), we got to chat for a few minutes – always a good sign when they don’t flee!
  3. After killing a couple of hours (in a hardware store – danger!), I had a very informative teachers’ meeting. It was time well spent and may open up more teaching possibilities in the future. Remains to be seen.

I guess that, given the day I’ve had, it’s understandable that all #3GoodThings are teaching related today.

(Wondering why the #3GoodThings posts… click here)

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