#3GoodThings – #44

#3GoodThings – #44

(Written Sunday, March 3, 2019)

Believe it or not, preaching doesn’t come easy to me – it’s surprising to me too, being a teacher & speaking in front of people all the time. Still, I stress about it and worry, right up until I get into church and begin to feel God’s presence through worship.

Once service is done it always feels like a weight has lifted. Spiritually, I guess that is the case, so I can feel a little more relaxed about sharing…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. One of my weaknesses, in terms of the ministry here, is a lack of all knowledge when it comes to building (materials, building code, minor repairs, etc.). That’s a handicap when you have a large building to look after. However, the Lord has sent us two men, in the past two years, that make up for that. One works in a building store (and is very capable) and the other works in the building trade – both heavy equipment and building maintenance. This is a gift of God!
  2. Sharing the couch with Liz, for a Sunday afternoon nap, is definitely a good thing. Waking up to coffee is maybe…. just maybe… even better!
  3. “Oh Lord of Hosts, blessed (happy) is the man who puts his trust in you!” Ps. 84.13: This was the last verse of our scripture reading today. Sometimes I gripe & complain about the immediate stuff, but when I step back, I can’t help but affirm that this is the case. I’m happiest when I put my trust in Him.

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