#3GoodThings – #43

#3GoodThings – #43

(Written Saturday Mar. 2, 2019)

The kids are still off school and Liz & I are home as well… it’s nice to be all together and as the kids grow, we’re aware that those days are numbered.

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Dominic has been wanting to drop off his resumé at a few different places in an attempt to find a part-time job. The first stop afforded him a good conversation even though they didn’t need anyone at the time. At the 2nd & 3rd places they asked for a cover letter. Since he didn’t have any, he got discouraged and decided we should head home for him to make some. I was frustrated by the fact that he didn’t even want to try the other places (who, perhaps, might not ask for one). So as I was suppressing the temptation to show my lack of patience… the though occurred to me that I should look for a positive. Here it is: We learned something about the French employment process – a C.V. isn’t enough. You need a cover letter.
  2. Prior to driving Dominic around, I’d left Liz at the church so she could do a quick vacuum. This also gave me a chance to check in on the bees (always a good thing for me – honestly… it’s therapeutic). Lots going on… things are looking good.
  3. Today I spent some time preparing for services tomorrow… we’ll be finishing up our study of the tabernacle – how man approached the presence of God in the Old Testament – and parallels with New Testament salvation (how we still get to draw closer to God’s presence). I’d never seen that or been taught it growing up… so glad I’ve seen it since. It breathes fresh life into the relevancy of the O.T. (not that it was ever IR-relevant… but the more cohesion one clearly sees in the Bible, the easier it is to let it lead and guide you).

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