#3GoodThings – #42

#3GoodThings – #42

(Written Friday, Mar. 1, 2019)

Can you believe it’s March 1st? I’m struggling. January just rolled around the corner and February came & went in a blink.

It also surprises me, to some extent, that I’m still 3GoodThing-ing… 42 days after I started. But, I am and I’m enjoying it, so here are…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Our “mimosa neighbours” are like a gift from God that keeps on giving. They recently had a family member move into long-term care meaning that they’re having to got through an apartment and get rid of furniture, small appliances, etc. They mentioned that they’re still early on in the process, but that they might have some things for us if we needed / wanted them. It remains to be seen, but the fact that they’re thinking of us is a GoodThing.
  2. A haircut and a shower. Sound trivial? Each, in their own right, are simple pleasures. I cut my own hair (too cheap to pay to have it done… I do the boys as well) and we only have one shower in the house (in Sophie’s room) so it was nice to be able to go in & take one without displacing her (she was out… see below). Combine the two in one afternoon and I feel like a whole new (clean & closely cropped) person.
  3. A coffee date with Liz & the kids in Poitiers. We could hardly believe it… Timo mentioned one day that he’d never been to Poitiers. Soph & Dominic are there for school of course and before teaching there, Liz & I had been numerous times for administrative questions at the Prefecture (think: “provincial government), but Timo had never been. So we put him on the train with the other two to spend the afternoon after which Liz & I joined them for coffee & smoothies at t’ thé ou café (the swing-seat café).

t thé ou café, poitiers, coffee shop

Wondering why the #3GoodThings posts?
It’s not about creating a better-than-life image on social media.
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