#3GoodThings – #41

#3GoodThings – #41

(Written Feb. 28, 2019)

Today the house is filled with an embalming smell… it’s the smell of mimosa – something I’d never heard about before coming to France, but something that’s a sign of Spring here.

It’s the first of…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. If you’re not familiar with mimosa, you can see a picture of it below. It’s a brilliant yellow flower that grows at the tip of a bamboo-like plant that spreads from the root. We got this bouquet (and a couple of other small ones) from our neighbours (the Talbots) who have a large clump in his backyard. There are lots of small leaf clusters on each stem as well, but I trim those off for the bouquets. There’s a strong smell… (almost too strong when you first bring them in), but it’s the smell of friendship.
  2. The second GoodThing is related to the first… Today while I was out trimming a few trees in the yard, I saw another neighbour, Mme Milliaseau, going by. I’d not seen her in over a year. She was bringing a bouquet of mimosa to our other next-door neighbours, the Pelletiers, which I thought was sweet enough. Then, about a half-hour later, I saw Mr. Pelletier return the favor by taking a bag of produce from his garden to her. Such exchanges are not typical (or at least, not often visible) in our neighbourhood. I’m glad to be connected with at least three neighbours for whom giving is still “a thing”.
  3. Speaking of Mme Milliaseau, it was nice to chat with her. It was during our second year here that I’d commented on a lovely plant growing in her garden and soon after, she gifted me with a rooted sprig of it. It’s a perennial vine that is just getting ready to come into bloom again. I reminded her of that and how grateful we are for such a nice gesture that’s still bearing fruit.

I guess all-in-all, today I’m grateful for neighbourhood friendships. They’re not the same as “old friends” from back home, but they are a testament to the fact that God loves us and lets us know that by putting kind people around us. That in itself is oxygen for the soul.

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