#3GoodThings – #40

#3GoodThings – #40

(Written Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019)

The kids’ vacation is winding down – it’s difficult to believe that it’s already been almost two weeks! – so we find ourselves trying to sneak in a few little “moments” with them over and above the light nagging (“Make sure your homework’s done.”, “We could use your help with “this” or “that”, etc.).

Today was one of those days that saw a bit of both… but it ended in the best way! Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Got to spend some time at the church today working on the hedge. Generally neglected since prior to 2007, and with but a few exceptions, it’s been SERIOUSLY out of hand. This means that there’s always a little something that can be done to improve it and work towards bringing it under control (Trying to do too much, too fast can easily kill it – as we saw in 2015 with the lower portion). Anyway, when a lot of what you do is in-tangible, it’s nice to look as something and see tangible results.
  2. Temperatures reached 23 Celsius today! Just as a reminder… I’m writing this on February 27th… and temps reached 23 Celsius. #Unbelieveable!
  3. Because of the warm temps and because the kids are still on school vacation, we broke out the marshmallow roasting sticks that we picked up in Florida last summer, as well as the HUGE marshmallows we got at Costco. Last night was our first bonfire and marshmallow roast of 2019.

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