#3GoodThings – #39

#3GoodThings – #39

(Written Tuesday Feb. 26, 2019)

It occurred to me today, while driving to Angers, that though the drive is long and can be monotonous by times, I do enjoy it. It serves as clear-my-head time, prayer time, allows me to see beautiful countryside, sunrises, sunsets and vineyards at different stages of growth (right now they’re still pruning last year’s growth in preparation for the new growth season that’s right around the corner.)

While that’s not officially one of today’s GoodThings, I thought I’d throw it in there. Now, let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Teaching is not always the most rewarding occupation. We have lofty ideals of course, but not all students live up to those ideals every day (teachers either… myself included). However, on a day when it was evident that some students were way more concerned with other things, I’m thankful for one student in particular who completed his TOEFEL prep-test and showed improvement against an earlier score. #ItsNotAllInVain! 🙂
  2. Today Sophie got to spend the day with a great friend. Not only did Soph & I get to pick her up at the train station before I left for Angers, but after I got home, we got to drive her back to Poitiers. It added a bit to the driving-day, but it’s worth it to see an answer to prayer in action. One of the things Soph prayed for was a good friend in France, locally. God answered that prayer in Lily.
  3. The picture below may seem a bit curious… let me explain. It’s not that I’m thankful for peanut M&Ms (although I am) it’s that, today, while teaching in Angers, I randomly pulled this mini handful out of the bag. Red, blue & yellow are the colours of the Romanian flag. They reminded me of good friends from there, of the week I spent there in 2012, attending their wedding, and of missionary friends I currently have there. Romania is a special country and I wish I were closer.

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