#3GoodThings – #49

#3GoodThings – #49

(Written Friday, March 8, 2019)

Today I was back to teaching in Poitiers… their winter break is over – meaning, mine too. It was also a driving days as well… up to the Paris region for Bible School tomorrow. But the day ended with a lovely surprise!

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. One of my students recently let the administration know that he was going through a particularly difficult time enough so that his instructors were informed of the matter. Of course, as an instructor, there’s a fine line between what I’m able to say and what I should avoid – I daresay particularly concerning my faith (France prides itself on its secular “laity”). That being said, he was wearing a hoodie whose branding sported the following: “No one cares, No one knows, Not ever”. After class, I held him back for a moment to discuss any required class modifications given his situation and told him not to believe what was written on his hoodie. “There are words that bring life and those that do not… those don’t, so don’t believe them.” I’m thankful for the opportunity to speak words of life and sow a seed of hope.
  2. After class, I had a quick nap for an hour or so before Liz & I hopped in the car for the 3hr drive up to Melun. For a long time I did that road solo… I’m glad for her company (she’s the cream to my coffee) – whether to talk or just hold hands while I drive and she reads. Either way… it’s a GoodThing!
  3. We arrived at the hotel right around 11pm – the time at which the staff changes. My friend Pierre (who first greeted me at that hotel in 2009) asked if by chance we were going to be back at the hotel between now & March 31st. When I said that we weren’t planning to, he offered us a coffee / tea and invited us to sit in the lounge area while his night staff took over at the front desk. He then proceeded to tell us about a significant life change that was just around the corner and that we were only the third people he’d told (how’s that for confidence). We chatted for a solid hour, as friends, not as clients.

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