#3GoodThings – #50

#3GoodThings – #50

(Written Saturday, March 9, 2019)

This is my Saturday in a nutshell: Bible School, Paris and the long drive home. As you learned yesterday, Liz is traveling with me which makes it all quite enjoyable… even the long drive!

Let me go into a bit more detail, telling you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. I stress about teaching at the Bible School…. I stress a lot. I never quite feel as prepared as I’d like to be, but it just about always turns out well… despite my worry. It’s not that I don’t prepare, it’s just that I always think to myself “What if someone asks me a question I don’t know?”(you’d think I’d have gotten over myself by now). 🙂 The GoodThing coming out of it is that the Lord always does something despite me & my worries. I’m grateful for that. It’s cool to see the Lord at work in the life of these students.
  2. The past few times we’ve gone up to Bible School, we’d make a stop at Costco on our way out of town. This time though, Liz hadn’t made plans to do so (I usually follow her lead on things like that whenever we make the trip together). Knowing that her birthday was coming up and that I’d be out of town for most of it (Angers), I thought I’d surprise her with coffee & dessert in Paris. I’ve been many times and more often than not without her… it was nice to share a treat together!
  3. While in town, we also visited Paris’ flower market, near Notre Dame. Somehow, she had never been there before so not only was it a joy to be able to show her that, but the Paris honeybees were out in full force. No stinging, but with the abundant cascades of fragrant flowers… there was lots of food for them. (Here’s a little something interesting – there’s a Paris beekeeper whose hives are on the rooftops of several major monuments you can see his pics on Facebook or Instagram.)

Paris with Liz is a rare treat… I’m extra grateful!

(Wondering why the #3GoodThings posts… click here)

Paris’ flower market – pictured above – is the setting for the very first story in my book,
Paris, You Take My Breath Away.

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