#3GoodThings – #51

#3GoodThings – #51

(Written Sunday, March 10, 2019)

I’m such a geek… I know it’s true.

You will have noticed that there’s a photo accompanying each #3GoodThings post. Today is yet another photo of the bees. There are more important GoodThings to talk about today – and I will talk about them – but it’s easier to get a photo of the bees.

Let me tell you all about it with…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Stopping in Paris yesterday meant that our arrival home was pushed back a little later (around 10:30pm). It was late by the time I got to bed and absurdly… I found myself awake between 3am – 5am, unable to fall asleep. “This, isn’t going to bode well for the day” I thought to myself. It seemed like I just fell back asleep when the alarm rang announcing the start to the day. Church was great! It was one of the best altar services that we’ve had in a while and once again, God proves that “When we’re weak, he is strong.”I’m grateful for this good thing.
  2. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know that I had a close call with the bees last week & had to do an emergency treatment against varroa-mite. Following such treatments, you need to do daily check for mite counts & activity but it’s been hard to judge as the weather has been 12-13 degrees with cloud & light rain, meaning the bees don’t fly anyway. Today, however, it was sunny and up to 14-15. There was so much activity that there was a traffic jam at the entrance. I had to move the piece of wood you see … to open things up more. (This is where I geek out – sorry!)
  3. Finally, the day ended on a super encouraging note. The young man, who’s been coming since September, texted me to say that God really spoke to him this morning and that he’d heard it loud and clear. You know how there are sometimes people that you don’t always quite know how to read? He’s a little bit like that, so to get this text (especially given the sleep-deprivation the previous night) was yet another proof that the Lord was at work in this morning’s service.

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