#3GoodThings – #52

#3GoodThings – #52

(Written Monday, March 11, 2019)

On one hand, it was a normal Monday (the kids were in school and I was in Angers). On the other, it was a special day because it was Liz’s birthday. On still another hand… it was an odd, non-social-media-spectacular-type day in that we didn’t do anything major to celebrate – no restaurant, no fancy, French-patisserie cake.

Let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Liz was intentional. She made sure that there was something cooking because she knew that if there was any doubt, wiggle room or hesitancy, we’d likely end up either eating out or ordering out. So the crockpot was filled with curried chicken, with plans to crack open a Tiramisu flavoured pannetone, that she’d been saving, for dessert. I’m grateful that she’s a simple-pleasure, no-fuss kind of gal (which is why it’s even nicer to be able to do unexpected dates in Paris like we did on Saturday).
  2. That being said… regardless of what was in the crockpot, Timo had been wanting to cook for her so he mixed up a spice rub to use on some grilling steaks that he had me pick up on the way home, and we had that with some mashed potatoes in stead of the curried chicken. I’m thankful for a son with a tender heart (and a culinary bent).
  3. After supper was over and the dishes done, we sat back down at the table for coffee, peach cider and pannetone. It was so ordinary… so simple, and yet so nice. The kids were tossing around inside jokes and were all smiles. Liz has a happy heart (that can’t be said about everyone) and so the joy around the table was great to witness.

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