#3GoodThings – #57

#3GoodThings – #57

(Written Saturday March 16, 2019)

I’ve never seen as many flowers adorning a gravestone as I did this morning… it was truly breathtaking. I don’t know who the person was, or what they did but one thing’s for sure… they were well-loved.

We were not at the cemetery for their interment, but for one on a much smaller scale. That’s where I’ll begin with …

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Jean-Paul & Chantal are our blessing neighbours. You’ve read about them several times of late. This past week however, Chantal’s father passed away at the ripe old age of 98. Up until around Christmas, he spent Sunday afternoons at their house across the lane so we’ve met him several times. Going to the funeral meant an early Saturday morning departure from the house for the kids (who have early departures just about every other day) but we felt it was important they attend. Dominic impressed me twice with his maturity. French Catholic funeral ceremonies are quite different from what we’re accustomed to, so we always feel a bit like we’re treading lightly through a minefield, not wanting to do anything out of place. Dominic expressed a particular concern for propriety on a couple of occasions
  2. Later that afternoon I had an errand to run and stopped by the local garden center on my way back (I always like to browse where there is a myriad of things blossoming). I found something that we’d had back in our garden in Saint John and that, truth be told, I’d been looking for – unsuccessfully – in the lead up to Liz’s birthday; A Queen Elizabeth Rose. There was only one and it was ridiculously well priced so I picked it up and just like that… the Lord gave us a little touch of home.
  3. When I got back home, there was an extra voice in the kitchen. It was Jean-Paul & Chantal’s grand-daughter. Though their two grand-children visit regularly, it’s somewhat rare that they cross the lane to see the kids, but today they’d been spending the day with oodles of older people, many of which they hardly knew. Even though the kids don’t connect often, they always enjoy each other’s company when they do. Today was no different. We lit up a bonfire, dug out the marshmallows & roasting sticks and burned most of the remaining twigs from last year’s apple tree pruning episode. The kids went to get Louis (who’d initially been shy about coming over) and as the fire crackled, and the smell of caramelized marshmallow hung in the air, airs of Louis Armstrong floated out of the bluetooth speaker connected to Dominic’s phone. They had a blast!

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