#3GoodThings – #58

#3GoodThings – #58

(Written Sunday March 17, 2019)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
I felt I should add a touch of green, even though you won’t read this until well after the last of the 4-leaf clovers have wilted!

Since it was St. Paddy’s, we finished off the day in style, with home-made shamrock shakes. Never heard of them? Back home, McDonald’s came out with them for a limited time each March. Here, however… never heard of ’em! So it’s really more about carrying on a tradition from back home and gives us a treat that we look forward to each March.

That’s already a GoodThing but I’m not counting it among…

Today’s #3GoodThings

Today, I’m going to dedicate all three GoodThings to Sis. Jeanette an elder pillar of our little church. In the photo below, you’ll see her clutching on to Liz’s arm. She’s really connected very well with Liz:

  1. My earliest memory of her dates back to the summer of 2009. She was in the front row, on her knees, praising God during worship. What vibrant worship! I immediately was drawn to her sweet spirit. I also had the opportunity to visit with her, in her apartment, with Pastor Brochu during that same trip. Such an example, in a senior, is definitely a good thing!
  2. She’s now in her mid 80s and can no longer get out to church but she loves the Lord just as much today as she did back then. The only difference… her body gets in the way and no longer allows her to do all the things she’d like to. She regularly follows a daily Bible-reading plan and she’s usually 5-7 days in advance. At the moment however, she’s 3-4 days behind and it really bothers her. And though she can’t get out to witness to people, she shares Christ with those that come to her: a new young doctor (in his 30s) is the latest. He noticed that her Bible was near her chair and commented on it. When she insisted that he should read it too, that it’d do him good, he reassured her that he’d been baptized as an infant and done his first communion & confirmation as well. “That’s not enough.” she said emphatically, “you’ve got to read the Bible regularly too. It’d do you good!” He smiled… but she meant it! 🙂
  3. Whenever we visit, we end with a time of prayer and, if time permits, with a song or two. If it’s an old song, she sings along. If it’s unfamiliar to her, she closes her eyes and listens. It’s when we pray, though, that something special occurs. She always prays in the Holy Ghost – in tongues. It’s incredible to share such a blessed moment together. Despite her many challenges, when she prays, you feel power. That’s the fruit of a life lived faithfully for the Lord!

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