#3GoodThings – #59

#3GoodThings – #59

(Written Monday, March 18, 2019)

A couple of weeks ago I said to a friend, “It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a wedding coming up for us in the near future.”

I was right. Let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Let me begin with today’s gorgeous drive to Angers. I’m liking the fact that it’s not totally dark for the first hour of my drive now. Between Spring and the switch to Daylight Saving time, I can see again, without being blinded by oncoming cars. When the skies aren’t cloudy, the sunrises are gorgeous… sprawling out across a mix of agricultural land and vineyards. Today I also saw a deer down one of the wood roads off to the side, and, since it was a sunny day, caught rays of sun filtering through this stand of poplar trees (see picture below).
  2. Upon arriving home this afternoon, I got to spend some time with Timo. His phone died so we went hunting for a new one. He’d originally inherited the iPhone 4S that I got back in 2012. All in all, it served us well. Normally it’d be a tough thing to replace, expense-wise, but since Timo has been saving, since I recently got paid for some extra hours I’d done and since we found a refurbished one on a well-known discount website here… it was possible. I got to make my youngest very happy today!
  3. Wedding news: Well… my mom is getting remarried. Dad died in 2011 and she’s been rocking single life since then but the Lord put a wonderful man in her life fairly recently – they went to the same church although they didn’t know each other well – and yesterday he proposed. I’ve never met him yet (as of writing) but I can tell he makes mom feel like a million bucks! Joy is written all over her face. The Lord does all things well. It remains to be seen whether or not we’ll be able to attend. Having been home last summer, I’m not sure we can afford to return this summer again (and Lord knows there’s nothing I’d like better than to walk her down the aisle) but even if we can’t … the most important thing is them.

What a great day!

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