#3GoodThings – #61

#3GoodThings – #61

(Written Wednesday, March 20, 2019)

Today I shunned technology (until now) and it was WONDERFUL!

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Another Spring-Garden Bargain. If you’ll recall… last Wednesday morning saw me at a local garden center getting a sweet deal on a lawnmower for the house. Today was another sweet deal – this time on a hedge-trimmer. The last time I trimmed the hedge, I only got one third of the way through it when the trimmer died… I had to finish the rest with hand trimmers. Though I was resolved to continue that way this year, to avoid the heavy cost of replacing them (over $200), I was dreading it (knowing that there would be hedge work at the church also). Then came this week’s flyers and hedge-trimmers were 50% off. Don’t tell me God’s not aware of the small details.
  2. The entire day, in fact, was spent “in the dirt”, a sort of Spring cleaning in the out-of-doors, so to speak. This is another form of oxygen for me and helps me regroup and revitalize (particularly after two “driving days” to Angers). I’m thankful. While out and about, I saw the first rose bud of the season (see below)– a gorgeous Pierre de Ronsard rose. I bought it our first year here and each year, when I prune it, I’ve rooted cuttings to get a few more.
  3. Raymond Woodward’s Life Grid: Last week we began going through “The Life Grid”, a Bible Study series by Bro. Woodward on the Wisdom literature in the Bible, broadcast via YouTube. On Sunday mornings, Liz, Sophie & Dominic teach Sunday School and miss out on teaching. I love the fact that incredible teachers, like Bro. Woodward, make some of their material available online… it’s great to go through it together as a family.

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