Cheesy Christmas 22: Tomme aux Fleurs

Cheesy Christmas 22: Tomme aux Fleurs

Back on Day 19, we had a Spanish cheese (queso Manchego) and I mentioned, at the time, that it was the first non-French cheese to make it into our Cheesy Christmas menu. I also mentioned that there would be one more in the days to come.

Technically, that’s not true. This cheese was produced in France, but it’s roots are much farther east… in Austria…

(Wondering ‘Why the daily cheese posts?’
read this 🙂 )

The gardener / beekeeper in me is in jubilation over this cheese for it combines all the goodness of the cheese world, with that of the garden.

What you see on the rind of this cheese, below, are dried petals from a number of edible flowers (mallow, bachelor button, calendula, strawberry, rose and dandelion). The flowers are added after the cheese has already more or less taken on the form of the round, but while the rind is still wet and it’s still rather young in the aging process (though some add the flowers later).

Due to the timing, the cheese is still ‘taking on’ its definitive flavour and the flower petals are able to contribute to it.

I can’t say that each flower’s flavour was distinct and identifiable, but I think you’ll see that the overall result was well appreciated.

Day #22: Tomme aux Fleurs

  • Name: Tomme aux Fleurs
    Earlier on in our cheesy adventure, I mentioned that the word ‘tomme was used similarly to how we’d us ’round’, as in ‘a round of cheese’. The addition of ‘aux fleurs’ just simply reflects the addition of flowers. Originally, is was known as ‘Tomme de Printemps’ (or “Spring round’, likely due to the Spring-time flowers added).
  • Region: Eastern France
    I mentioned that this cheese is originally from Austria, however it is also produced in France in three main regions : (1) the Haut Rhin / Bas Rhin (Alsace Region), (2) the Jura and (3) Savoie & Haute Savoie.
  • Milk: raw Cow’s milk
  • Our Score: 4.7/5
    This cheese was a real success. It’s a firm cheese that would be good for an apperitif / appetizer and does not have a particularly strong smell to repel potential tasters. I’d say it would be a particularly good choice if you’re getting a group of gardeners together. This will definitely find its way back to our table at some point.

Cheese quote of the day

As promised yesterday, today’s cheese quote is shorter and comes by way of the late Mitch Hedberg, an American comedian.

““Fettuccini alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults.”

What do you think… spot on!? I think so. 🙂

Only two more cheeses until Santa comes….
See you tomorrow for cheese #23

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