Cheesy Christmas 20: Brézin

Cheesy Christmas 20: Brézin

It was another 2-cheese kind of evening when we tasted the Brézin cheese.

What is with us not being on a “1 cheese / day” rhythm this year?

I wonder if it the fact that we’re all a little busier this year… the fact that there’s a bit less novelty this year… etc.

Not sure, but that shouldn’t take away from talking about today’s cheese…

Day #20: Brézin

  • Name: Brézin
    Interestingly enough, I could find precious little about the name of this cheese. There’s lots of info on a smoked cheese names Brézain, but this wasn’t the same thing at all. The only reference I could find was for a farmers market in the community of Brézin… there must be a link.
  • Region: Isère
    We’ve had a number of cheeses from this region, both last year and this, though it shouldn’t be surprising, given that it’s a mountainous region and heavily associated with cheese.
  • Milk: raw Cow’s milk
  • Our Score: 4.1/5
    We liked this cheese quite a bit. Though it’s a firm cheese, it quite readily melts in the mouth after you get past a slightly strong smell. Nice tasting cheese and welcome back to our house any time!

Cheese quote of the day

Today’s quote comes from Mark Beauregard, in The Whale: A Love Story. If you understand it… you’re smarter than I. 🙂

“I have been considering the possibility that the facts that can be ascertained about this cheese fail to satisfy because the facts themselves mask a metaphysical truth that can be known only through the transcendent, poetic expression of the cheddar. That is, though the world itself can never truly be known, one might begin to know some truth about the world through a metaphysical cheese.”

Happy Cheesy Christmas….
See you tomorrow for cheese #21

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