On the Western Front

On the Western Front

Hey… it’s only been 2 weeks since my last post. Fingers crossed that this is a new trend.

We have an early start today as we’re off to Bordeaux for a youth meeting in the afternoon, preceded by music practice for the boys as they’ll be part of tomorrow’s music team.

So without further adieu… let’s dive in!

End of the School Year…

…for the most part.

This week, I did it. I finished correcting, recording and submitting the year-end marks for my students both in Angers and in Poitiers. Teachers know the feeling that that brings!

I really, REALLY enjoy my students, as different as they are. Angers students are in Business English mode… 100% whereas my students in Poitiers are in performing arts (theatre & cinema)… so they’re extremely creative.

One of the things I’ve done with the Poitiers students, for the second year in a row, is to assign a short writing assignment in January, spend a few weeks working on in: individually, in small groups and finally with me in the end. On Amazon, I publish the micro-stories of students who’ve expressed a desire to do so and we spend the last class with students reading their stories, talking about it and we have a bit of an autograph session.

Students love seeing their name in print and it’s a truly unique activity for most of them.

If you want to pick up a copy (in Paperback or Kindle versions), here’s an Amazon.com link. (adjust it if you normally use another Amazon marketplace: .ca)

“…for the most part” ?

If I say “for the most part”, it’s because I still have some work related activity for ESSCA in Angers, where I’m part of a team of 3 people who are re-working the entire 2nd year English program.

It’s a daunting task and we’ve spent much of the year working through the process of defining targets & submitting plans for approval. Now we’re in the document production phase… finding content and creating the class work, homework, assignments, etc.

It’s been a valuable process, I’ve learned a lot, … but it’s taken a bit of a toll and even though the school year is done… I’m not.

French Elections

This Sunday will see French electors take to the polls for the runoff election that will elect a new President. Last week’s first round, started with 12 candidates and reduced the number to 2. (Members of Parliament will be elected in June. Unlike in North America, representatives and leaders are not elected in the same election.)

It’s always a time to pray for the nation as there are a lot of discussions in the public square and the direction of the nation can change for the following 5 years (in France).

Regardless of the outcome… we know that God has ultimate authority: he sets up and pulls down leaders and in France, works through the people to do that.

Just for info: the leaders’ debate this past Wednesday lasted for just over 3-hours and was extremely polite!

Easter Sunday

Last weekend we celebrated Easter with Bro. Thierry Bayol, the assistant Pastor from Bordeaux. He came up on Saturday and stayed through until Monday.

A man with a pretty incredible testimony, it’s clear that the Lord had a plan for his life and that plan is working itself out in a beautiful way.

Fun Fact: Sophie will celebrate Easter this Sunday, in Romania as the country follows the Orthodox Calendar.

From the Beehives…

Fields in the region have been awash with the brilliant yellow of oilseed rape (canola). Honeybees love it and there's a field not far from my hives... making for a fast & furious inflow of nector... soon to be honey!

The warm weather has meant that I’ve been able to get down and do some of the Spring check-ins. I’ve also been able to work at replacing the four colonies I lost over the winter.

It’s simply a matter of taking some comb with young larvae and less-than-3-days-old eggs (easy enough to detect), pollen & honey stores, enough bees to keep the eggs and larvae warm and the bees do the rest. They’ll make a couple of new queens from the eggs, the first to hatch will usually kill the others and boom…. you have a new colony.

Below is a short video I took yesterday of a brand new queen laying an egg for the next generation. When you see this, you know the colony is off to a flying start (pardon the pun).

That’s it for today…

Thank you for stopping by and keeping us in prayer.
It’s always needed & always appreciated.

God bless you today!

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