30 Days of Gratitude… 7

30 Days of Gratitude… 7

Today’s gratitude is rooted in the other side of the field, behind our house.

I’ve mentioned our various neighbours before, but our relationship with these neighbours is a bit more recent. It’s only been the past 2-3 years (since the confinement) that we’ve gotten to know them a bit more.

Flowers & Cherries

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbours were cleaning out their flower garden and wanted to get rid of a substantial clump of agapanthus, a flower that sends up flower spikes that are crowned with a ball of blue flowers. They’ve found a home in the entrance garden at church and will blossom soon.

Today more specifically however, we owe them our thanks for a lovely cherry clafoutis that Liz made this evening.

Liz was walking Pollux and came by their house as she walked up the lane, the final stretch before arriving home. Mr. Decoz was out in his garden and Liz commented on their cherry tree that was heavy laden with fruit. They’d already had a number of clafoutis, but mentioned that they couldn’t have too much because they needed to watch their sugar intake.

He invited Liz to come and pick as many as she could get, whenever she wanted. So, later in the day, she went back and came home with roughly 1Kg (2lbs) of cherries.

A little bit of pitting and after working her magic… Voila… Cherry Clafoutis!
(Here’s a recipe)

Grateful for our neighbours…

God blesses us through them time and time again.

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