30 Days of Gratitude… 23

30 Days of Gratitude… 23

A splash of hot pink.

That’t what today’s about.

… it’s not your typical 50+ year-old guy colour… but then again, what about me is 100% normal? 😇

The Albizia’s Started Blooming

Just as last week’s heat wave did a number on the roses, pretty much wrapping them up for the summer, it also gave the front-yard albizia (silk flower) a nudge.

Seemingly out of nowhere, all of a sudden the normally green canopy above our front yard is crowned with hot pink. Yes, it’s pretty to look at, and provides lovely shade for the front, but what I noticed this morning, that I can’t remember noticing other years, is the smell.

I opened the patio door and was hit with a heady perfume that just kind of permeated the air and wafted into the house. How did I not remember the smell?

  • Maybe it’s just not quite as hard-wired as the Spring smell of lilac from my youth.
  • Maybe because it’s an outdoor smell & not one you bring in as cut-flowers.
  • Maybe random weather factors mean that it actually has more smell this year than other years.
  • …and maybe I just forgot.

Regardless of the reason…

I’m grateful for the unexpected smell of albizia filling the air today.

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