30 Days of Gratitude… 22

30 Days of Gratitude… 22

Today’s source of gratitude was easy.

… it’s the only year where her age, her birth date and the year will all coincide.

She’s studying in Romania so I had to get creative gift-wise…

Happy Birthday Soph!

Since she’s in Romania… there was no chance to make a cake or throw a party (though that may be in the works for July when she gets back), so I had to don my thinking cap…

Last week, for Dominic’s birthday, he had friends over and we put together a few pics of when he was small. This meant that I’d spent some time going through the over 35K pictures on my computer (14K on my phone – scary!).

Of course there were pics of Timo & Soph as well… so that gave me an idea.

Yesterday at different times of the day, I sent Soph batches of pictures from the past. Some from when she was a baby, others where she & her brothers were cuddling baby rabbits in the backyard at 1 Pugsley Ave., and all kinds in between.

It was a way spontaneous and unique way to mark the day… Reminding her of great moments that God had given her throughout her life… and being reminded as well.

Grateful for…

An adventurous, chicken-loving, curious & God-loving girl!

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