30 Days of Gratitude… 21

30 Days of Gratitude… 21



…but really!?

It’s been a while…

Positive feedback.

I think it’s something that everyone craves, everyone appreciates, and when it comes… it’s a huge dopamine boost.

Dopamine is the pleasure hormone in the brain … it’s what keeps bringing us back to social media. When we see likes or shares, it makes us feel good… that’s dopamine begin released in the brain.

Of course, social media is the latest iteration of illustrations that help us understand what dopamine is… but before “likes”, “views” or “shares” … there was simply … an encouraging word.


I’m involved with a group of people who are studying language-learning together… how to learn language more efficiently.

Yesterday, I was trying to bring my notes together in a coherent manner from 2-3 various sources and I’m doing that in an app called Notion – which I only discovered within the last year, but which I am growing to like. With it’s various functionalities, it allows you to organize notes in a super-organized manner and in collapsible menus (which appeals to my need for less visual clutter when I’m studying something).

Anyway… I shared my notes with the other folks in the learning group and among generally positive responses, I got one from one guy who is a PhD and WELL-accomplished educator, at a prestigious Canadian university. (You know… the kind of guy you hope to be when you grow up.)

I must say… it made my day.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like a superstar.

Today I’m grateful for…

…positive feedback.

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