30 Days of Gratitude… 20

30 Days of Gratitude… 20

22 degrees…. Today was 22˚C.

What. A. Pleasant. Break. … after last weeks time spent in the oven!

Today’s little something was something that I’d been hoping for, but as days went on, I wasn’t sure it would happen.

Home… safe ‘n’ sound!

On Friday, as the temperatures were getting warm so I decided to give the pigeons a bird-bath. Here, I don’t have an actual galvanized bird-bath tin, but given the heat, I wanted to do a something, So I found a large flowerpot base – yep… that’ll work.

This was something big, strange and new for them… so they were a little spooked when I put it in. One was spooked enough that she came right out the door.


This is where I saw her on Saturday morning.

Now… though I call them doves, they’re actually white homing pigeons. So in theory, if trained, they’ll always come home.

The problem?

I haven’t trained these ones – mostly because I don’t have a proper pigeon loft as I did in Canada. It just requires an outside landing perch with a special door. You train them on entering the loft, then just let them do their thing.

As of this morning, she’d been out for 3 full days. So I figured she’d be hungry. I put the food dish out on the lawn so that she’d recognize it on one of her periodic fly-by’s. It worked and I just happened to be out on the patio when I saw her walking across the lawn.

I enclosed the others & put the dish in the cage. When she went in…. she was only happy to chow-down and get some water. Phew… home!

Grateful for a safe return!

ps. the others did, in fact, get great use out of the bath!

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