30 Days of Gratitude… 28

30 Days of Gratitude… 28

It… has been… FOREVER!

So much so that I’d completely forgotten some of the steps that were, at one point, almost second nature… Things like…

Online check-in being available 24h beforehand… yep, I’m travelling.

Romania… here I come!

Sophie is coming to the end of her ERASMUS term (study abroad term) and, where Liz accompanied her there, to help her get settled, I’m accompanying her home. But not just yet!

Today, I’m flying to Romania, but we won’t fly back to France until next week. In the meantime, I get to spend a few days with my girl… discovering the city she’s called home for the past 5 months; the coffee shops, the people, the church… all kinds of things.

It seems soooo weird to say that I’ll soon be boarding a plane (last time I did THAT was 2019) … that I’ve taken the train to the Paris Airport (last time I did THAT was in 2016 I think).

Of course… wouldn’t you know that all this is happening as COVID cases begin to rise again in France. So where we’ve been pretty much care-free for several months, I had to take a look at current health protocols for travel to and from Romania. It’s not onerous at all, but just knowing that it’s again ‘a thing’ is not quite cool… UGH!

Grateful today for…

Safe train travel to Charles-de-Gaulle and a quick run through security. Currently at the gate & awaiting take-off.

A chance to hop a train, to hop a plane, so see my girl!

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