30 Days of Gratitude… 29

30 Days of Gratitude… 29

Today’s topic is easy peasy…

I arrived safely, albeit late (or rather early morning) after a late departure. By the time the taxi crossed the city, it was getting close to 3:00am. 😴

… but today we had a GREAT day!

Day 1 in Bucharest w/Sophie

I had very little trouble getting to sleep, and slept soundly until around 10am. We got up, had some chocolate bread and water, then headed out.

First stop… bus & metro to the center where we were going to visit the Palace of Parliament, built by the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. 3rd largest administrative building in the world behind the Pentagon and a government building in Thailand, in terms of floorspace, but biggest in terms of volume. Amazing

From there wewalked to the most incredible bookstore in the old city, Carturesti Carusel… 4 floors worth of books, 1 floor as an art galleryand the top floor, under the skylight… a bistro… where I enjoyed my first real coffee of the day. 🥳

We also happened to run into some good friends of Soph’s for whom, ironically… as a huge book lover… it was his first time in that particular bookstore. Cool!

Grateful for…

…a great first day with my gal, in Bucharest!

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