30 Days of Gratitude… 30

30 Days of Gratitude… 30

Today was another scorcher in terms of temperatures – and I’m sure not built for heat, but there are a number of things to be thankful for today.

… beginning, but not ending with, lots of air conditioning!

Sophie’s Church Family

We got up, had a light breakfast, then headed out of town, to a place Sophie had never been before… “Cosmopolis”. It took us about an hour to get there, first by metro, then by bus. We arrived at the assistant pastor’s house – which is air conditioned. 🥶🤩

He is Romanian, but met his wife in Spain, so ironically, they also know Dominic from his time in Madrid. The put out a formidable spread of food. It was amazing to me to hear Sophie carry on conversation in Spanish like she was speaking English… so naturally.

From there… about an hour back to town, this time by car, for church. Although I’d met the Pastor and his family before, it was my first time being with them in their church. Awesome to meet the church family that has been home to Soph since Feb. Great service & great meal together afterward

Grateful for…

…a church family that extends beyond borders. You can ‘just meet’ and still feel at home!

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