Dallas, TX… South Fork & North Cities

After spending last week in France…. and sharing details about that time with you, I’d like to once again take you back to some of our travels in the month of May… this time, to Dallas.

A Long History

(pardon the pun)

From the early planning stages of this trip, Dallas was in our sights.  The reason for this particular stop was to see old friends who are definitely part of our whole journey leading to France.


(This picture of them from 2004 still graces my bookshelf… Rachel, you’ve GROWN!!!)

Sometime in the 2002-2003 period, Rev. & Mrs Steven Schobert came to our church on deputation; they were preparing to head to France as appointed missionaries (also replacing the Brochus at the time) and we connected well. In 2004 I went to France to present a research paper in the context of my Master’s studies in French Linguistics and the conference was in the city where the Schoberts lived. We had a couple of nice meals together and I attended church with them on Sunday – This would be my first time in the Châtellerault church. Although we don’t see each other often, outside of conferences, we have remained good friends and enjoy the times that the Lord does allow us to spend together.


French Connection

North Cities UPC has quite a French connection.

  • Bro. Steve Schobert is Associate Pastor there.
  • During their last deputation, the Brochus based out of this church.
  • Former UPC missionary Kathy Miller calls this church home.
  • Wonderful friends, that we know from France but who now live in the greater Dallas area, also call this church home.

It was great to meet Pastor D.G. Hargrove and be so warmly welcomed to his church. We were able to just sit and enjoy service during the morning and then had the opportunity to speak during the evening service.

Thank you for your warm welcome and southern hospitality!


During our time in Dallas we were also able to spend some time seeing some pretty important landmarks in the the area:

  • Dealey Plaza (where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated)
  • South Fork Ranch (inspiration to the 1978-1991 television series “Dallas”)
  • Flying Fish restaurant (home of the world’s first Billy Bass Adoption Center – for real!)

picstitchThe kids got to spend lots of time with their friends Winston & Olivia Wojciechowski, whom they’d only met in November 2013, at the French National Youth Convention…. but even then, they hit it off so incredibly well it was amazing.


The fundraising and promotion continues. Tomorrow morning I get to be with Rev. Trevor McGuire, in Millville, New Brunswick.  On one hand, his church will get to be a bit spoiled, given that we’ve just come back from France and have lots to tell!  Can’t wait.

Open Invitation…

If you’re in the Dallas-North Cities area and looking for a church family, you can find North Cities UPC at 502 Belt Line Rd, Garland TX., 75040 . Their phone number is (972) 530-3668.

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