Meet me in St. Louis

In the next two posts, I should be able to finish up detailing our travels from the month of May. Today, I’ll tell you about our time in St. Louis.

North from Texas

Liz had never been to St. Louis and neither had Sophie or Timo (Dominic went down with me in 2006 to help move home a fellow Saint-Johnner who had been living there at the time). Given the fact that we would be in Texas, and from there would begin our trek back north, it wasn’t such a stretch to consider driving through St. Louis.

We left Dallas on Monday morning and were able to get all the way to the Gateway city with relatively little difficulty. The Lord’s hand was on us to protect us as the last 2-3 hours saw very heavy rainfall pelt the highway, causing a number of really bad accidents due to hydroplaning.

The next day we rested in the morning and spent the afternoon touring World Evangelism Center, the headquarters of the United Pentecostal Church International; the organization with which we’ll be heading to France.  Rev. Jim Poitras was our tour guide: He is a former missionary to the West-African nation of Ghana and currently the Director of Education and AIM (Associates in Mission) for the UPCI.

map_STLPart way through the tour, the kids were thankful to be escorted first to the candy-stash closet where they got to fill a ziplock bag full of goodies, and secondly to the Missionary Kids’ Lounge where they could hang out and play Wii (somehow, touring and visiting is not as engaging to kids… thankfully WEC staff have thought of everything!). We then got to enjoy dinner with the Poitrases, at Tucanos, an incredible Brazilian grill.

Heights and Tight Quarters

picstitchThe next day saw us head to downtown St. Louis where we would see St. Louis’ famous landmark, the Gateway Arch.

I never thought of myself as claustrophobic, but when I stood before the elevator that would take us up 630′ (192m) to the top of the arch it was all I could do to get in (imagine trying to fit 5 people into a new Fiat 500 car – minus the windows – you get the picture).  I made it and lived to tell the story!

After the Arch, we got cleaned up and went, with our friends Brian & Shawna Hord, to Winds of Pentecost in St. Charles, MO where Rev. Tom Trimble is the pastor. I met the Hords in 2007 when I went to St. Louis to record the French DVD version of picstitchExploring God’s Word for the then Home Missions Division.

It was my third time at Winds and I’m pretty sure it gets better each time. It was Wednesday night but there was no mid-week-service slump there…. it was going full guns!  We were surprised to see an old friend, Brian Goddard, whose dad was pastor in Saint John when Liz & I first began attending. After service we had supper together with the Hords, the Trimbles, Brian and several youth. So enjoyed this time.


Looking forward to being in my home church this Sunday. Given the extensive traveling of late, it’s been a while since we’ve been there.  Thank you to Bro. & Sis. McGuire for a wonderful day in Millville on Sunday. Thank you for believing in us and for supporting our AIM appointment.

Open Invitation…

If you’re in the St. Louis area and looking for a church family, you can find Winds of Pentecost at 1040 Fairgrounds Road, St. Charles MO. Their phone number is (636) 395-0889.

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