Two things for you today:

  1. The first, related to our preparations and
  2. The second, related to you dear readers!
    (but don’t skip to the bottom of the page to read about you first!)

Outbound: Stamps and more stamps…


Long-time followers will remember that in March, we mailed out 210 information packets to pastors around North America, introducing ourselves and asking for support. Well, this past Saturday I finished doing a second mailing.


picstitchWhereas March’s mail-out contained a letter, bookmarks, a Partner Support form and a handwritten note, this one contained only a postcard, the front of which was customized with photos of our trip and the back of which gave a brief overview of our time there. While it will be a shorter read for the recipients, it still took me a couple of weeks to prepare because I included a short handwritten note on the back of each card as well.

Crazy? Perhaps… but do you enjoy getting a mail-out that’s strictly generic? Not me.

Even if a church or pastor is unable to support us financially at this time, the photos on the card make it another great prayer-prompt. Prayer is always in order!

Now… on to you dear readers!

Outbound: Going global

I was looking at the stats for this blog the other day (not always a good thing to do when you’re a new blogger… it can become easy to obsess) and I was pleasantly surprised at the traffic that has been coming through. The picture below shows the stats for the last thirty days.

statsmap_realWordPress is pretty cool that way… it’ll compile the blog stats in a way that’s very visually accessible (I’m pretty visual). I can view the last 7-days, 30-days, 3-months or “all time.”  Although there is some shuffle that occurs across those various views, one thing that is consistent are the top three sources of traffic:

Canada is the heaviest source of traffic,
The United States is the second heaviest source and
France sends the third greatest number of visitors

This breakdown is not surprising, all things considered.  If I were to show you the stats for views since the launch, one thing that would be quite different is the group of countries that follow the top three.

  • The numbers above show that Brazil, Guatemala, Italy, Portugal and Madagascar as the next five.
  • All-time stats however show Belgium, Brazil, Netherlands, Denmark and Guatemala as the next overall top-5 sources of traffic.

You’re all TOPs!

Regardless of placement on a list… we want to say a big “Thanks!” to each of you for continuing to visit the site and stay on top of our plans & preparations. Although I say “our” plans… we’re cognizant of the fact that we’re just living out the Lord’s plans.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Cards: As these latest cards fall into the hands of pastors across North America, please pray that many, who are not already supporters, would be favorable to helping us financially in some measure.
  2. Pre-Moving Sale: This Saturday, we’ll be having our first “Pre-Moving Sale.”  We’ve begun sifting through 17-years worth of accumulated things and will be putting them out for sale in a garage sale. It’s not only to raise a bit of money, but also (and perhaps more importantly), to reduce the amount of stuff we’ll need to store when we leave.

Would appreciate your prayers concerning both these things!

Thanks so much… See you Saturday!


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