Labor Day Convention in Perth

photoIt’s time for the annual Labor Day Convention in the Village of Perth-Andover, which means that people from the Atlantic, Maine and Nova Scotia Districts are coming together at Calvary Tabernacle for a weekend of fellowship, music and preaching.  I am privileged to be here and to have had the opportunity, last night, to share the story of our call to France and how it came about.

40 years of Convention…

Thursday night, Bro. H.M. Lewis (former pastor and forever beloved elder in our district) shared the history of how the Labor Day Convention came about some 40 years ago – as this is the 40th anniversary of this great  I love the fact that, when he felt the need & desire to begin this convention, his goal was that it would:

  • Not risk winter weather complications
  • Fall on a holiday weekend, allowing folks to relax  and
  • Not compete with what anyone else was doing in the district.

I love the spirit of that.

Last night, Rev. Joel Urshan, of Cincinatti Ohio, preached an incredible message on the Joy of the Lord as our Strength. But before he did,  James & Jonathan Cole (Amherst, NS) and their wives provided special music, and OH! did they bring the house down. What a great spirit they have.

Rev. Jonathan Cole is a walking Miracle. He shared how, 2 years ago, he was preparing to sing at the Labor Day Convention and felt very dizzy. Little did he know then that a tumor the size of a man’s fist was growing in the back of his brain. Two years later though, he has miraculously recovered and gives God all the praise.

Rev. & Mrs David Ferrell…

photo…are the hosts of this convention, as pastor of Calvary Tabernacle. More than that, though, Bro. Ferrell has been a great support to me from very early on in this process and the Lord has allowed our paths to cross at several key junctures in our journey toward France.

In 2009 (the first year I went to teach in the Bible School), Bro. Ferrell was there as well, teaching the Guest Lecturer Seminar. Although I knew who he was, this was really the first chance to connect (This was also the man who was able to get an armed police escort through one Paris metro station – they were pleased to lend a hand to a lone, non-French-speaking traveller – never ceases to amaze me).

Then, in 2013, he was one of the men that conducted my ordination interview on behalf of the district. Toward the end of what was usually a 10-min interview, he asked if I ever saw myself somewhere other than in Saint John. A barely perceptible smile came onto my face which he caught and I explained that I had already been in discussion with Bro. Nowacki, Bro. Brochu and my pastor about the possibility of AIM. That didn’t surprise him in the least and he expressed at that time that he could see us fitting in there seamlessly… and now, the gracious invitation to come and present our opportunity to this convention.

What an encourager!


On a side note… the photo above shows a Mountie in red surge saluting on the platform. What a treat to see Bro. Troy Smith, a local mountie who had spent some time in the Saint John church some years ago. Would love to have gotten a picture with him. *Proud of our mounties*

Moving Forward

So far, as a result of the opportunity last night, we have been invited to two more churches in the district this fall. We are looking forward to that.

We have had some results from the postcards that I told you about last time, we thank the Lord for that and I’ll give you more details in another post.

May the Lord bless your Saturday!




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