Paris is for…. Dads & Daughters!

Paris is for…. Dads & Daughters!

Another week has come and gone and with the weekend comes a chance for me to sit down and tell you about what God has been doing this week in our little part of western France. Are you ready?  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s sit for a few minutes.


Sophie’s back at School


… and glad of it!  For the past month she has watched her brothers head out the door and be gone for most of the day… leaving her home alone with the old folks!

Make no mistake, she was glad for the break from classes, having worked right up until mid-August, but she was excited to restart again.  You can read her impressions in her latest blog post here.


We’re renters!

Since our arrival here in Châtellerault, we’ve lived under the Brochus rental agreement on the house. Even since their return, it was still rented in their name, but we paid the rent. That arrangement generally worked fine but as a matter of housekeeping we knew we would have to make a few things “official” and put them in our name.  The biggest step of all was the rental agreement on the home.

As of Monday however… that changed. We met with our landlords – who have been a blessing to us on more than one occasion – and signed a rental agreement on the house.

Gulp … It feels all grown-up again!

In Paris for Bible School2016_10_08-soph-paris

Today (Saturday) is a Bible School day so Sophie came up with me yesterday and we spent the day in Paris.

We’d been planning this for a couple of months and were supposed to be attending an avant-première of the Phantom of the Opera last night… being produced here for the first time ever. However a small fire beneath the stage, two weeks ago, shut the whole thing down until at least January 2017. Despite the change in plans though, we still managed to have a truly wonderful day!

  • We sang Disney songs in the car on the drive up…
  • Soph fed the pigeons in front of Notre Dame (throwback to the pigeon lady song in Mary Poppins….. *Feed the birds, tuppance a bag….*) and found some 50% off bargains at Forever 21.
  • We spent a couple hours discovering Paris by bike. It can be a little harrowing in some places (close quarters & tonnes of aggressive drivers), but loads of fun as well.
  • We attended a fashion show at the Galleries Lafayette (they take place every Friday afternoon at 3pm and are free… you just need to register, in advance, on their website).
  • We had a nice supper and Soph got to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night for the very first time!

Really incredible, incredible memories for which I’m so thankful!


That’s all for today…

Between all the biking yesterday and getting ready for Bible School today, I’m gonna keep this post short & sweet. Thank you for stopping by for a bit of Coffee-Talk.

Please keep us in prayer tomorrow as we’ll be ministering at the church in Melun while Liz & the boys carry music and Bro. Kabasele preaches in Châtellerault.

God bless you richly today!


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Click here for info

…be part of what God is doing in France.

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