Teach me to Walk in Righteousness

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Vittorio Emanuele Bridge, over the Pò River, in San Mauro Torinese, Italy.

So the contradiction is obvious… this is a photo that we took while visiting a friend in Italy’s Torino Province, but I’ve added “France” to it. Doesn’t make sense.  …or does it?

I’m using this photo to illustrate the verse from Amos 5.24.

The word “Let”, with which the quotation begins, frames the rest as the heart-filled expression of a desired state. Amos is expressing God’s desire: that among his people righteousness would be so free-flowing, so common, that it could be considered like a mighty stream.

That was not only God’s desire for his people in the Bible’s Old Testament, it is also his desire for you and I, today.

In that sense… whether France, Italy, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, etc… it really makes no difference. God still desires that those who call themselves by HIS name, be characterized by righteousness.

Lord, let it begin with me.

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