Days of Remembrance

Days of Remembrance

If we were in Canada, we’d be marking November 11th as a day to remember the sacrifice of fallen soldiers in various wars. Young men who gave up their rights, freedoms and – in many cases – their lives, so that we could enjoy a better day. Today I want to give you a few more reasons to Remember

First, though, let me come back to last weekend.

Old Friends

Gaston PouliotYou know that Liz & I taught at Bible School in Melun last weekend, but we also got to have coffee, in Paris, with friends from back home last Friday night.

Gaston & I worked together at Xerox Canada many moons ago and hadn’t seen each other for 16 years. He and Michele were in Paris for one night only and since we just happened to be in the area, we were able to coordinate a quick visit.

I can’t even begin to say how nice it is when – out of the blue – God allows you to connect with great people from your past.

Lovin’ my Poppy

poppy, remembrance day, flanders fields, in flanders fields where poppies blowYou’d think I was from another planet… walking around with a red poppy on the lapel of my jacket. Guaranteed, I was the only one in Châtellerault doing so this week. Neither did I see any in Paris / Melun when I was back up on Thursday. What I did see, however, was a great number of people staring as they walked by. It was a conversation starter for sure, but more than that, it’s just a part of being Canadian that I don’t want to leave in Canada. I don’t want to not remember the sacrifices made by others for the sake of freedoms that I enjoy.

Much Sacrifice

John Nowacki, UPCI, Global Missions, Jean-Claude Nowacki, Anne BalcaThis week was about sacrifice in a different way as well.

After an early drive to teach in Angers on Monday, I raced back to Châtellerault to get Liz and we attended a funeral for a neighboring pastors’ mother. He and his family are the only apostolic believers in his wider family, so it was special to be with them as people of like, precious faith.

On Thursday, I headed back up to Melun, by train, to assist with the funeral of Missionary John Nowacki’s mother. Hers was among the first apostolic Christian families in France and she was a woman of great faith. Retired missionary Sam Balca preached the funeral in English and I translated into French.

It was humbling to be part of honoring this pioneer of the faith!

And now… Brazil

A fellow Short-Termer – AIMer Katie Rhoads (Brazil) – put a bug in my ear that I want to share with you.

Daniel Wilson, from our sister church in Shreveport, LA runs Mission Men Ties.

Mission Men Ties, Ties and socks, cool neck tiesNot just a place to pick up cool ties, all profits from the sale of his jazzy neckwear go to help a different missionary family each month. This month, they are helping the Jubilee Orphanage, near Sao Paolo, Brazil – a project by missionaries Ken & Isabel Cooper.

Looking for a great Christmas gift and want to touch lives at the same time…. check out Mission Men.

… Days of Remembrance

On November 11th, we especially remember those members of the military that have given greatly in service to others… and rightfully so.

This week, however, I can’t help but remember people like Pastor Pascal Chartier (whose mother was buried Monday) and Aline Nowacki (who was buried on Thursday); of the Nowacki missionary family and the Cooper missionary family in Brazil.

Liz & the kids & I get to rub shoulders with people who have sacrificed much for the cause of Christ and we are the better for it.

This weekend

I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend. It’s the third time we’re in Melun in 8 days – it’s a lot of travel and, I must admit, we’re starting the Youth Convention weekend already tired. Still though, I’ll be translating some for Bro. Luke Levine who is this year’s speaker.

Pray too for Liz & the kids… we all need a good refreshing!

Thank you in advance. We couldn’t do it without you behind us; following up & covering us with prayer.

God bless you BIG time!





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