Sending “Love & Prayers”

Sending “Love & Prayers”

Credit for today’s feature photo – the sunset heart – goes to Soph, who snapped this pic while we were strolling on Châtellerault’s “rooftop”…


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Neighbourly Love…

homegrown tomatoes, garden harvest, homesteadBefore I tell you about our rooftop experience… let me boast on our neighbours for a minute. God has blessed us with some great ones. Jean-Paul & Chantal have taken us under their wings in many different ways.

While we were gone, Jean-Paul looked after our yard, our chickens and a few plants (inside and out). They also collected our mail and did a daily check-in on the house to make sure that all was well.

God’s hand of protection was on our house. He told us that his brother went away for a weekend this summer and his house was burglarized. He couldn’t believe that we were gone a whole 2.5 months and nothing…. Thank you Lord!

This week they sent over several large cucumbers & tomatoes from their garden as well as this bowlful of cherry tomatoes that we’ve been snacking on all week. God’s hand of blessing through the hands of great people!

Bible School Prep

Now that jetlag has more or less worn off and temperatures have come back down below “heatwave” … it’s been a time to begin preparing for Bible School.

Monthly courses will begin in September, but I’ll be heading up to Melun for an intensive week-long Bible School session in just about a week and a half; teaching on the last of the New Testament epistles (James – Jude).

Prayer Walk on the Rooftop

This week we did something that we’d not done in quite some time… we took our mid-week service time and headed out for a prayer walk in town.

The best place we could think of to begin throwing out a prayer covering over the city was from the highest, publicly accessible structure in the city… the smokestacks.

Built in 1886 & 1887 respectively and reaching a height of roughly 135′, the smokestacks were part of one of the city’s major industries and had become emblematic of the city.

In 1994, the iron catwalk was built at a height of roughly 52′ so that residents could enjoy the view. The projects architect, Jean-Luc Vilmouth said, of the towers….

“People have always been able to see them from the city, now they’ll be able to see the city from them.”

One of the young people from the Bordeaux church has been in the area working and joined us for the evening.

If Cornelius’ prayers were said to have gone up like a memorial before God (Acts 10), then we want to build a similar memorial, through prayer & action, in Châtellerault.

Want to pray with us for Châtellerault and/or for your city?
Here’s the prayer-walk guide we used, from WNOP (World Network of Prayer).


This week we published our partner newsletter. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, much of it will be familiar to you. In case you’re a more periodic reader… this will give you a few of the highlights.

Thank you for sharing these few minutes together.
God bless you… & why not send up some love & prayers over your own neighbourhood today, you never know who may be in need!

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