#3GoodThings – #16

#3GoodThings – #16

(Written Feb. 3, 2019)

It’s Sunday evening as I sit to write this. The sky is dark, things are winding down for the evening, and there’s a stillness in my soul as I listen to Classical Praise vol.3 – Piano & Cello (Anthony Lamarchina & Phillip Keveren). Oh. My. Goodness. ….I love this calm & stillness – It lets me breathe.

It’s been a good day. Let me tell you about it…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Church: Today there was a family in church with us that we hadn’t seen in roughly a year and a half. It was good to see them again, and good to see them in the house of the Lord. What’s more, two other people joined us, who had come for the first time last week – to watch the baptism. It was a wonderful Sunday morning.
  2. Beekeeping stuff: This afternoon, rather than indulge a Sunday afternoon nap as is so often my custom, I took some time to put starter strips on two dozen frames I had for my Warré Hive (see below). With this system of beekeeping, you let bees build their own comb every year (much cheaper than having wax foundation on every frame). The starter strip lets them know where to start and ensures they build in a straight line. You attach each strip with melted beeswax which quickly stiffens and holds the strip in place. It’s relaxing work that is enhanced by the wonderfully heady smell of melted beeswax.
  3. Sis. Jeanette is a dear, sweet, elderly saint that I first met in 2009. She can no longer come to church for health reasons but we visit her regularly. The young lady that we baptized last week works at this nursing home and we ran into her. She excitedly asked Liz about getting together for a Bible Study on Tuesday.
warré hive, frames, starter strips

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