Cheesy Christmas 3: Bleu de Causses

Cheesy Christmas 3: Bleu de Causses

We saw the first honest-to-goodness snowflakes fall from the sky. Of course nothing lasted because there’s been no frost to speak of, meaning that they melted almost as soon as they’d hit the ground.

It didn’t stop Sophie from posting about it on her Instagram along with Michael Bublé’s “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”(that might be a real stretch… but when you’ve gone as long as we have without seeing a good snowfall, you take what you can get).

It was also Day 3 of a Cheesy Christmas… Part Deux.

Day #3: Bleu des Causses

  • Name: Bleu des Causses
    This cheese is described as a cousin to Roquefort cheese (probably the most well-known of the French Blue Cheeses), and also slightly less strong-tasting than its more well-known cousin. March of 1935 is when the name Aveyron Blue Cheese was first recorded. A few years later, in 1941 it was renamed as Bleu des Causses, but it wasn’t until 1996 that it was designated a Protected Place of Origin cheese.
  • Region: Our Bleu des Causses is from the Aveyron department, although they can apparently also come from the neighbouring Lozère department as well (slightly to the north-east).
  • Milk: Cow’s milk, pasteurized
  • Our Score: 2.5/5
    As you can see… we’re not exactly fans of blue cheese in our family. Of course, when you look at the picture, you can see that there’s an awful lot of blue… which is essentially blue mold. It’s what gives it its distinctive flavour. The descriptions mention a salty-spicy taste and they’re not wrong… though the taste depended slightly on how much blue you got in a particular bite.

Quote of the evening: “It has an aftertaste that makes you want to wash it away.”

Want to know more?

The Cheese quote of the day comes from American celebrity chef, the late Anthony Bourdain.

“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”

Happy Cheesy Christmas….
See you tomorrow for cheese #4

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