Cheesy Christmas 10: Abondance

Cheesy Christmas 10: Abondance

Once again, expectations were high as we opened up today’s cheese as we had it last year on Day 20 of our Cheesy Christmas.

That time, we gave it a 4.1/5

Would we think as highly of it today?

Day #10: Abondance

  • Name: Abondance
    Abondance is a small, mountain village in the Alps. As far back as the 11th century, monks at the Abondance Abbey began making cheese, the cows that they milked eventually became known as the Abondance breed. So you see… it all started out in a small, mountain village.
  • Region: Haute Savoie
    This isn’t the first Haute Savoie cheese we’ve seen this year. Day 8’s Reblochon is also from this region.
  • Milk: raw Cow’s milk
  • Our Score: 4.9/5
    As soon as we opened today’s cheese, we were drawn in by the delicious smell. Most sites refer to is as a highly fragrant cheese, and it really is. While there are cheeses that are ‘smelly’, this one is definitely ‘fragrant’… in other words, it’s a pleasant smell that will always be welcome at our table. Surprisingly (sort of), for as much as we liked this cheese last year, we honestly L-O-V-E-D it this year. It definitely got the ‘heart-eye’ emoji! A truly nice way to end any meal!

Looking for More Info on Abondance?

  • has a good English description of Abondance,
  • Abondance even its own dedicated website dedicated website.
  • Fun Fact: It takes 10 L (2.2 gallons) of milk to make 1 Kg (2lbs) of Abondance.

Cheese quote of the day

Alissa Nutting, author of the novel ‘Made for Love’, offers up this tidbit…

“Melted cheese is a culinary veil…a foxhole where mediocrity can hide.”

… ummmm…. ‘Guilty as charged’…. I’ve been there & done that! 🙂

Happy Cheesy Christmas….
See you day after tomorrow for cheese #11
(Liz & I will be out of town tonight)

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