Cheesy Christmas 23: Séchon de Vache

Cheesy Christmas 23: Séchon de Vache

We’re already down to the second-to-last Cheesy-Christmas cheese for 2021. On one hand it’s gone quickly (but simply because the month’s gone quickly in general, not particularly due to the cheese methinks).

Today’s cheese is another that we also tasted in last year’s Cheesy Christmas offering.

Let’s see if it scored better or worse this year (heaven knows we’ve seen both scenarios thus far)

Day #23: Séchon de Vache

  • Name: Séchon de Vache
    As I mentioned on day 6, when we had the séchon de chèvre, it was actually quite tough to find detailed infomation about this cheese. I, suppose it’s because it’s not necessarily like the cheeses of controlled origin but rather more generic. In case you didn’t see day 6’s post, the word ‘séchon’ looks remarkably like a dialectal derivative of the word ‘secher’ (to dry). So it simply a cow’s cheese that’s been prepared and then strained to dry… fairly generic. If anyone knows more, by all means, please let me know in the comments.
  • Region: Isère
  • Milk: pasteurized Cow’s milk
  • Our Score: 4.6/5
    Well… this is about as close to a similar reaction and appreciation as you can get 12 months apart. Last year we gave the Séchon de Vache a 4.5/5... so only a 0.1 point difference between last year and this. I’d that’s a healthy dose of consistency. Aside from the remark that it smelled a bit like the barn (we could all smell it), it was all positive. Even the ‘barn remark’ wasn’t so much negative as it was simply an observation.

Cheese quote of the day

Another ‘short & sweet’ quote today, but one that leans toward the philosophical, from the late German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht.

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?

Hmmm…. thoughts?

Only one more cheese until Santa comes….
See you tomorrow for cheese #24

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