Cheesy Christmas 6: Séchon de Chèvre

Cheesy Christmas 6: Séchon de Chèvre

This particular cheese was one that we’d had last year as well, so on one hand there was a hint of familiarity.

What’s more, since we’d just had a séchon de brebis on Day 4, I was reminded of the fact that not only this year, on day 4, but also last year, we’d had trouble finding information on the word séchon.

But let’s dig into the cheese…

Day #6: Séchon de Chèvre

  • Name: In case you’ve not read the post from Day 4, I’ll just quickly remind you that info on the word ‘séchon’ was scant, it’s likely that ‘séchon’ was etymologically related to the French verb ‘secher’ (to dry). Unlike Day 4 (séchon de brebis), today’s séchon is goat cheese and the folks at Les Alpages indicate that it’s also known, by some, as a chevreton. This is also the type of cheese that’s used on just about anything ‘chèvre chaud’ (pizza, salad, etc.).
  • Region: Isère
  • Milk: Goat’s milk
  • Our Score: 3.5/5
    We found the cheese to be just a little bit ‘pateux’ this year… it stuck to the roof of our mouth a bit (although that’s not completely unusual for goat cheese). It’s also familiar because it’s also the type of cheese that’s used on just about anything ‘chèvre chaud’ (pizza, salad, etc.), so not only did we taste it au naturel, but we also tried it slightly heated, on baguette with a bit of honey and pepper. my, My, MY…. DE-Lish!

Cheesy quote of the day

… From Clifton Fadiman, and American writer, editor & New Yorker book reviewer:

“A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it may be over sophisticated. Yet it remains, cheese, milk’s leap toward immortality.”

Happy Cheesy Christmas….
See you tomorrow for cheese #7

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