30 Days of Gratitude… 9

30 Days of Gratitude… 9

Today will be another bit of a “double whammy”, as there are a couple of things that I’m grateful for.

The first … is growing out in my garden here in France.

The second … has been “germinating” over the past couple years and the first “leaves” are just emerging today, from a garden in Florissant, Missouri…

Scarlet Runner Beans …

Let me start out closest to home…

I’ve always loved the look of a nice tee-pee of Scarlet Runner beans, they sort of epitomize an old-world, country garden. I started out last year with a variety pack of three colours, because I couldn’t find ‘just red’ and it was not the red ones that did well last year. Somehow though, in the seeds I collected, there must’ve been at least two from the red ones. Because this year I have two… just two, albeit very healthy, plants and there are nothing but scarlet blossoms on the support.

Finally… I’ll have a Scarlet Runner tee-pee.

Secondly – a ‘Must-Have’ book

Melinda Poitras grew up in Ghana, West Africa and has a silver-tipped pen, as evidenced by the new book she just launched… today!

Warrior Princess: Put On Your Identity, Pick Up Your Sword.

“How do I know?” you ask.
Simple… because I formatted it for Amazon and did the cover design for her.

I don’t consider myself a warrior, and am DEF-initely not a princess, but lemme tell you… This book ministered to me!

Melinda’s incredibly transparent in discussing how our circumstances can determine (correctly or incorrectly) our perception of reality and how having our identity rooted in Christ can help silence those incorrect perceptions.

If you’ve EVER struggled with feelings of uncertainty, lack of confidence, questioning God, etc., do yourself a favour and get a copy. It’s available both in paperback and Kindle versions. Guaranteed… you won’t regret it!

Grateful for a ‘double-whammy’ kind of day!

… & grateful to have been part of the ‘Warrior Princess’ process.

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