30 Days of Gratitude… 10

30 Days of Gratitude… 10

OK, so I’ve got to admit. Today’s source of gratitude stems from a little well-spring of concern.

Nothing crazy… nothing like the time I found my dad scouring the roadside ditches, wondering if I’d gotten hit my a car or anything… but a bit of (normal, rational) concern.

The Back-Story

I loved to bike as a kid, and I was not above spending 2h biking across town to a friend’s house for the day (before I had my driver’s license). One time, I was on my home from one of these long days away and at one point, I saw my dad’s truck parked along the road-way and he was out, looking in the ditch.

When I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was afraid I might’ve been in an accident and was checking the ditches. 😳 (Let me just say … there were about 20km between where I lived and the spot where I met him!! Whoa!! 😳)

So… I wasn’t that worried… not at all, but I was glad when the text came in. Dominic had arrived safely in Bordeaux.

He left this morning and it was his first road trip further than Poitiers (about 30km – 19miles). Bordeaux is about 250km (150mi) and as a new driver he’s not really able to take the highway and is limited in how fast he can drive… so he took his time on the national road and arrived mid-afternoon.

We’re grateful for his safe arrival…

… and a great day with some of the youth from Bordeaux!

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