30 Days of Gratitude… 11

30 Days of Gratitude… 11

Today started out with a box full of bees in the trunk. Although it sounds a little more fun when you say it in British English… because you get the repetition of three “B”s as opposed to just two:

“Today started out with a box full of bees in the boot.”

The funny thing is… it doesn’t feel weird to say that anymore. šŸ˜

Morning Coffee in the Country

Timo is doing his month-long internship with a optician about 20mins from here, out in LencloƮtre. He did one there last June as well and enjoys working with this optician.

This morning however, when I drove him out, we were carrying some extra special cargo. Our British-New Zealander friends, who live not too far from LencloƮtre, started beekeeping last year and I grew their first colony for them; a split from one of mine.

They got a second hive this Spring, so I grew another colony for them, with which to fill the boxes, and today was delivery day. After getting them all nicely installed, we sat around their patio table, itself under a parasol, under the towering Albizia tree in their courtyard.

Their daughter was doing final practicing for her violin exam, so while sitting there sipping freshly brewed coffee, and enjoying good conversation, the sound of a capable young violinist at work wafted down from a second story window.

Grateful for a Great Start to a Saturday

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