30 Days of Gratitude… 12

30 Days of Gratitude… 12

On June 6, 2005… I fell in love.

I’d been married for 8 years… so it wasn’t that kind of love.

I was traveling in France with my friend Ryan Shepherd, and visiting with my friend Sylvain Marolle… so it wasn’t a friendship love. It was a bit more mundane… but love nonetheless.

Pierre de Ronsard … a June Rose

The first time I set eyes on the Pierre de Ronsard rose, Sylvain, Ryan & I were visiting the beautiful medieval fortress city of Provins, about 70km (43mi) southeast of Paris.

Adorning the facade of one little shop, with deep burgundy shutters was the most stunning rose I’d ever seen and the way it covered the facade just seemed to come out of a storybook. I didn’t know it’s name at the time but I never forgot it.

Then, when we arrived here in 2015, I was strolling through a garden center and saw it again. It was unmistakable… Pierre de Ronsard (in North America, it’s known as the ‘Eden Rose’).

At 24€ (32$ Cdn / 25 USD 😳) it was no bargain-basement purchase, but this rose had been burned in my memory for 10 years so I picked up two. One for home and one for the church.

Here we are, almost 17 years to the day since I first saw it, and 7 years since I planted those two garden center plants. Now, they greet visitors to our home and our church.

⬆️ … Liz coming home with Pollux & the rose above the gate.
⬇️ … PDR at church above the windows at the entrance.

We now have about a dozen of these climbing roses around our home / church properties… but I only ever paid for the first two. For the rest, whenever I trim them in the fall, I stick a few trimmings in the ground and root new ones.

Grateful for a happy garden-center reunion

and for a beautiful rose that blooms in June.

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