30 Days of Gratitude… 15

30 Days of Gratitude… 15

Today’s source of gratitude isn’t unlike Day 6, but it’s sort of specific.

Indirectly… this story dates back to 1991.
But directly, it’s not quite that old.

I was going to say roughly 2007, but I checked and it was July 8, 2006.

My Friend Gilles… then & now.

If I make reference to the 1990s, it’s because I was first friends with his parents and grand-parents when I lived in Belgium. His mom was my piano teacher and I practiced several times per week at his grand-parents’ house.

In 2006 when we were visiting, I took the picture below with Gilles (10 at the time), his sister, and Dominic & Sophie. What a thrill it was for me to meet my friend’s children.

Fast-forward to 2022

Gilles & I reconnected via Instagram last year. He let me know that he was looking to firm up his English and wondered if I’d be willing to help. Of course I was glad to.

The timing was serendipitous, because about half way through our 10 weeks of sessions, his grand-father, a man I loved dearly, passed away. So we were able to spend some time talking about him and some of the feelings associated with his passing. I couldn’t attend the funeral, so it was a bit of therapy for both of us I imagine.

He sent me a quick video recently, thanking me for the time that we’d spent together. He felt much more confident in his English and got the job that he’d applied for at the time of our sessions. Today I re-watched that video.

Grateful for long-term friendships…

and the chance to contribute to someone who’s family contributed so much to my life 30 years ago.
It’s always great when you can ‘return the favour’ so to speak.

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